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tollgate www

This folder contains some static websites in order to make some software work with tollgate better.

Nintendo WiFi Connection (WFC)

Provides compatibility for Nintendo gaming consoles (DS, Wii) with captive portals. More information in it's README.md file.

Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD)

wpad defines a proxy configuration of "direct".

The reason this is explicitly defined is because Windows machines will look up proxy server information from NETBIOS names after DNS, so if no wpad hostname is specified in DNS, the configuration may be pulled from a local machine with the name wpad with the wpad.dat file shared over HTTP.

An attacker could then use this to redirect all HTTP traffic for a system through their own proxy server, and hijack all requests.

This particularly effects Internet Explorer.

It's also good to set DHCP Option 252, and explicitly set a WPAD URL.