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A simple conversion routine for converting from Wordpress to Tinkerer.

Copyright 2012 Michael Farrell

This is a work in progress and incomplete.


  • Python 2.7 (2.6 may work if you have my patches for Tinkerer).
  • python-mysqldb
  • pandoc (used to convert HTML to Restructured Text)
  • MySQL database with your Wordpress data

doesn't require

  • Wordpress to be installed.
  • PHP


$ python -m wordtinkerer.main -o blog -p

This will attempt to convert the wordpress blog in the MySQL database wordpress using the username wordpress on localhost, prompting for a password and outputting to the blog at blog.

Additional command line arguments --help will let you change the behaviours.

outstanding issues to address

  • Page hierarchy, author or creation date isn't properly preserved.
  • Post categories and tags are not preserved.
  • Importing from Wordpress backup XML (do we want to support this?)


wordtinkerer is licensed under the same terms as Tinkerer itself (FreeBSD). See the accompanying file COPYING for details.