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Kamailio.cfg Syntax Highlighting for Atom Editor

Atom editor extension that provides syntax highlighting for Kamailio configuration files.


Atom is an open source editor developed by Github, more about it can be found at:

Kamailio is an open source SIP server that can be used for VoIP, instant messaging and presence, with support for WebRTC, more about it can be found at:

The configuration file for Kamailio uses its own scripting language, so it needs a custom syntax highlighting extensions.


Clone this repository via git from:

Shell commands:

git clone
cp -a atom-extensions/language-kamailio ~/.atom/packages/

Reload Atom Extensions

If Atom is already running, you will have to reload its extensions.

Type [cmd]-[shift]-[p] to bring up command panel and execute Window: Reload. This flash the screen briefly. With recent version of Atom, a direct key combination is [cmd]-[alt]-[ctrl]-[l].

Setting Syntax Language

The kamailio syntax highlighting language is set if the file has the extension cfg and the first line contains one of the words: kamailio, sip-router, openser or ser (both alternatives with lower and upper cases work).

The language can be explicitly set by running [ctrl]-[shift]-[l] and selecting Kamailio from the popup panel.


Any suggestions, improvements or new features are welcome. For submitting patches, do pull requests via Github.

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