sms transport for your xmpp/jabber server
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Check this site for the latest version of this software:


sms transport for your xmpp/jabber server

With aspsms-t your jabber users are able to send sms messages through the gateway-system of

  • A lot of networks are supported.

  • Deliver is very fast and will send your users a confirmation jabber message. Jabber users can set their own mobile number as originator.

  • Jabber messages which are longer than the maximum allowed characters of an sms, aspsms-t will split it into a multiple sms. Don´t worry!

  • Special arabic and other oriental characters are supported to a maximum of 87 characters for each message.

Requirements for Debian

apt-get install libaspsms-perl libnet-jabber-perl libnet-xmpp-perl \
  libxml-smart-perl libxml-parser-perl libwww-perl liburi-perl \
libunicode-string-perl libfile-pid-perl


cd $src
Perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
cp ./aspsms-t /usr/local/bin

Building Debian packages from source

git clone
cd aspsms-t
git checkout debian
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc
dpkg -i ../libaspsms-perl_X.X.X-X_all.deb
dpkg -i ../aspsms-t_X.X.X-X_all.deb


Copy example configuration file to /etc/aspsms/

cp etc/aspsms-t.xml.dist /etc/aspsms/aspsms.xml

and configure it according to your jabber-server and system environment settings. Additionally information how to configure jabber-servers like jabberd14 or ejabberd you can find at the manpages.

man aspsms-t
man aspsms-t.notify

Starting up

With debug log messages:

aspsms-t -c /etc/aspsms/aspsms-t.xml

Without debug log messages:

aspsms-t -c /etc/aspsms/aspsms-t.xml 2>&1 > /dev/null

An /etc/init.d script you can find at the debian branch of this repository:

git checkout debian
less debian/aspsms-t.init

Have fun!