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fadecut 0.1.4
* Merged pull request from
Added custom editor selection. Script now considers $EDITOR environment
variable first, before choosing vi/vim
fadecut 0.1.3
* Fixed issue #2 "add custom USER_AGENT" Thanks to
fadecut 0.1.2
* Fixed issue #1 "pidof streamripper problem"
fadecut 0.1.1
* Exeption handling (Closes debian bug: #645392)
fadecut 0.1.0
* ripping option -s changed to -r
* write log to ~/.fadecut/statslog.csv for statistics
* autoconverting tags from id3v1 to id3v2
* double files are now 0 byte size
* removed mp3info, now using sox to get information about audio file
* removed mp3splt, now using sox to split audio files
* improve shutdown behaviour. All exit codes and logging messages justified.
* added silence cutting. no more long silence at beginning and end of files.
* Testframework, first tests added
fadecut 0.0.2
* removed repetition of unnessesary logging
* libsox-fmt-mp3 is needed on debian/ubuntu
* removed -m method
fadecut 0.0.1
* initial release
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