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NO LONGER UNDER DEVELOPMENT - a modular xmpp/jabber bot
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This is jabber-querybot - a modular perl jabber bot

jabber-querybot connects a jabber account and wait for messages. If a message comes in, it forward it to your self programmend modul. The return string of your module, jabber-querybot send it back to the jabber sender.

It is designed to be re-usable and to make it easy to write small Jabber bots that do one thing and do it well. A simple concept with a lot of examples and experiences are implemented.

Check this site for the latest version of this software:

jabber-querybot is available in debian:

apt-get install jabber-querybot

For more info, please read the manpage file.


  1. Create a jabber account on a jabber-server around

  2. Create a bot application:

    cd examples cp /etc/jabber-querybot/ cd /etc/jabber-querybot ln -s

Modify login parameters to your jabber-bot-account

our $hostname	       = "";
our $user            = "";
our $password        = "";
our $ident           = "Testbot";
our $bot_admin       = "\";
our $port            = "5222";
our $timeout         = "5";
our $service_name    = "$user\@$hostname";
our $bot_description = "Bot help title Bot description";

For each jabber message, jabber-querybot will execute sub run_query, that you can write here your application.

You can control how your jabber response will be:

  • error = error message stanza
  • presence = error as presence stanza
  • ignore = ignore message

How to run a 2nd instance

If your of the 2nd instance lies in /home/2nd/lib, try this

cd /etc/jabber-querybot
perl -I /home/2nd/lib /usr/bin/jabber-querybot


jabber-querybot has a lot of variables which you can easy modify for what you need:


$querystatus = [ 0 | 1 ]

  • 0 = Bot will not proceed any incoming jabber messages.
  • 1 = Bot will proceed incoming messages.


If the bot has too much workload, it goes to penalty status and wait some time until his status change back to normal.

$timer_reconnect_default = 21600

Every 21600 seconds (6 hours) the bot will shutdown automatically, wait 10 seconds and starting up again.

$timer_auto_query = 0

If you set in your module this variable to 60, the bot will every 60 seconds call the function run_auto_query() which you may use for several things.

System load

If your systems load is >=6, this bot will shutdown the jabber connection and check every 10 seconds systems load. If load <=2, bot will start over.


jabber-querybot is free software, available under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.