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micro-ROS puts ROS2 onto microcontrollers, making them first-class participants of the ROS 2 environment.

micro-ROS is composed by multiple repositories:

  • micro-ROS-demos: Sample code using rclc and rclcpp implementations.
  • rmw-microxrcedds: RMW implementation using Micro XRCE-DDS middleware.
  • rosidl_typesupport_microxrcedds: Type support for Micro XRCE-DDS
  • micro-ROS-Agent: Micro-ROS-Agent package implementation.
  • osrf_testing_tools_cpp: Common testing tools for C++ which are used for testing in various OSRF projects. It is a fork containing fixes.
  • rclc: ROS Client Library for the C language.
  • rcl: Library to support the implementation of language-specific ROS Client Libraries.
  • NuttX: Official micro-ROS RTOS.
  • apps: micro-ROS applications to be used along with NuttX.
  • docker: Docker-related material to set up, configure and develop with micro-ROS hardware.
  • HRIM: An information model for robot hardware. Facilitates interoperability across manufacturers.


In this repository you can find all the micro-ROS related documentation:

  • Install and run: This is a guide on how to set up environment and run the provided examples.
  • rclc: User API layer documentation and diagrams.
  • rmw-microxrcedds: Documentation related to the middleware layer using Micro XRCE-DDS.
  • type_support: Type support mechanism documentation.

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