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Micro-agent platform µ²

µ² is a multi-agent, and in particular a micro-agent platform. It targets the construction of arbitrary applications using efficiently communicating micro-agents, dynamic binding of agents based on their capabilities. Alternatively numerous addressing patterns useful in the context of both agent-based applications as well as simulations are provided. The platform further provides comprehensive network support which allows the platform's use as a middleware for arbitrary applications. Applications developed for desktop machines can mostly be run on mobile devices, including communication between desktop and mobile version.

µ² is successor of the KEA framework.

Its features are described under Platform Features.

Below find some basic information on platform setup and example applications. More in-depth information on how to develop own applications with the platform is provided under Developing micro-agent applications.


The entire source code as well as distributions (the most recent distribution is the featured download) are available under https://github.com/micro-agents/micro-agents (Releases under https://github.com/micro-agents/micro-agents/releases).

Installation instructions are provided under Getting started.

Setup & Development

Getting started

Developing micro-agent applications

Development FAQ


Please raise any concerns with platform or applications to the address