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Micro-Manager is an application to control microscope hardware, such as cameras, xy-stages, filter wheels, etc. It includes a hardware abstraction layer written in C++ and a user interface written in Java (Swing).

Go to for documentation and binary downloads.

For support, see Micro-Manager Community.

The Micro-Manager community welcomes you! For our governance structures, go here

Source code

This repository contains the Java projects that make up the Micro-Manager "MMStudio" GUI application. The device control layer is written in C++ and found in a separate repository, mmCoreAndDevices, which is currently a git submodule of this repository.

To checkout both repositories together:

git clone --recurse-submodules

If you will be making changes to the code, make sure to enable pre-commit hooks as described in doc/


  • main - the main branch of development (Micro-Manager 2.x)
  • svn-mirror - git-svn mirror of the Micro-Manager 1.4 Subversion repository

Other branches are not official.

Developer information

For license information, please see doc/copyright.txt.

For build instructions, please see the doc/

Additional information is available on the Micro-Manager website at


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