Microscope control and image acquisition integrated with ImageJ.
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marktsuchida Merge pull request #664 from binli123/fix-RGB-ImageJConversion
Fix the conversion of ImageJ RGB imags to Image
Latest commit 330d821 Oct 31, 2018
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DeviceAdapters PointGrey: function 'RGBToRGBA' now actually converts RGB to RGBA Jul 18, 2018
MMCore MMCore: Avoid error on defining missing state labels Jul 12, 2018
MMCoreJ_wrap MMCoreL Added support for 32-bit grey scale images. Nov 22, 2017
MMCorePy_wrap Fix missing mkdir in MMCorePy install (#621) Mar 27, 2018
MMDevice MMDevice: Z stage linear sequence interface Jul 12, 2018
MacInstaller [OSX Build] Generate -2.0alpha DMG files. Feb 4, 2015
TestDeviceAdapters/MMCamera Remove unnecessary DllMain() definitions. Dec 23, 2013
Tutorial Remove obsolete AcquisitionEngine "tutorial". Apr 15, 2016
Util [VS2010] VS2010 has stdint.h, no need for special measures. Oct 10, 2013
acqEngine acqEngine: Wait between turning off AF and moving Z Oct 31, 2017
autofocus Oughtafocus: Adds Tenengrad algorithm. Dec 14, 2016
bindist ImageJ.cfg: add -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false (issue #256). Jun 2, 2016
buildscripts Merge branch 'master' into mm2-update-cpp Feb 21, 2018
doc Update Unix build docs Mar 6, 2015
doxygen Updated build of documentation Aug 8, 2011
drivers Added a libusb-win32 driver for the Nikon Eclipse 90i Jul 28, 2014
libraries Projector: range for the small search can sometimes be Nov 8, 2016
m4 Merge branch 'master' into mm2 Mar 27, 2018
mmstudio Merge pull request #664 from binli123/fix-RGB-ImageJConversion Oct 31, 2018
plugins Gaussian: fix logic problems in Nov 30, 2017
portdebian Fixes from Johan Henriksson Nov 4, 2011
scripts Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #524 from nicost/G3"" Feb 11, 2017
server Increase hard coded limit in upload script from 2000 to 10000 Aug 19, 2014
swig-doc-converter Use local copy of Doxygen output for Javadoc conversion Aug 1, 2014
systemtest Use Ivy to manage Java dependencies May 28, 2015
testing Switch from googlemock 1.7 to googletest 1.8 Mar 18, 2018
.gitignore Switch from googlemock 1.7 to googletest 1.8 Mar 18, 2018
Makefile.am Merge branch 'master' into mm2 Mar 27, 2018
README.txt Add reference to build instructions in README.txt. Apr 22, 2014
autogen.sh Eliminate the need for 'make install-ijplugin'. Apr 23, 2014
build.xml Port Magellan build settings from mm1.4 Aug 3, 2016
configure.ac Merge branch 'master' into mm2 Mar 27, 2018
micromanager.sln IsmatecMCP: add to solution Jul 12, 2018
version.txt Bump development version to 2.0.0-beta3 Sep 30, 2015


Micro-Manager source code

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Additional information is available on the Micro-Manager website at