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Micro-Manager is an application to control microscope hardware, such as cameras, xy-stages, filter wheels, etc.. It includes a hardware abstraction layer written in C++ and a user interface written in Java (Swing). User and developer documentation can be found at


The "master" branch of the micro-manager respository is used to build version 2.0-gamma (binaries can be download from The branch "svn-mirror" tracks the subversion repository at that contains the source code for Micro-Manager 1.4.

This repository uses submodules. MMCore, MMDevice, and DeviceAdapters are now part of the mmCoreAndDevices submodule.

Getting the source code

To get the complete source code follow these instructions:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Move Git bash into the repository: cd micro-manager
  3. Make sure any submodules are also cloned: git submodule update --init --recursive

If you are working only with the source code that is publicly available then that's all. Some vendors do not allow us to make public device adapters written for their equipment. If you are part of the micro-manager group, you can get access to these "secret" device adapters by:

  1. Move Git bash into the mmCoreAndDevices submodule: cd mmCoreAndDevices
  2. Change to the "privateMain" branch: git checkout privateMain
  3. "privateMain" has a submodule that main does not. Make sure that any new submodules are in a consistent state: git submodule update --init --recursive For more information about working with Git submodules click here.

For licensing information, please see doc/copyright.txt.

For build instructions, please see the doc/

Additional information is available on the Micro-Manager website at


Start here:


Microscope control and image acquisition integrated with ImageJ.