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µOS++ IIIe

The third edition of µOS++, a POSIX inspired open source framework, written in C++

Welcome to µOS++!

µOS++ IIIe (micro oh ɛs plus plus third edition) is the third iteration of µOS++, a POSIX-like, portable, open source, royalty-free, multi-tasking real-time framework intended for 32/64-bits embedded applications, written in C++. (User's manual, API reference)

The original monolithic version of the project is available from:

µOS++ source packages

Work is currently under way to a modularise the project, with code split over several source packages, each stored in a separate Git repo.

The projects are listed below, in alphabetical order. The version badge shows the package.json version in the stable branch (xpack), and the tag badge shows the latest tag by date.

Build helper

Project templates

Projects that can be used with xpm init --template:

3rd party source packages

There are also several source packages with 3rd party content, grouped in a separate GitHub organisation xpack-3rd-party.

The web sources

The project web site is generated using Jekyll from the markdown content available in the web-jekyll repo. A preview of the development branch is published at web-preview.

Other repos

To clone all source xPack repos on a new machine, use the script.

curl -L -o ~/Downloads/

bash ~/Downloads/

ls -l ~/Work/micro-os-plus-xpack-repos


Credit for the badges go to Shields IO.

Popular repositories

  1. The portable part of µOS++

    C++ 103 15

  2. A source xPack with the µOS++ Cortex-M scheduler code

    C++ 7 8

  3. A source xPack with the µOS++ startup code for bare-metal platforms

    C++ 5 2

  4. An xPack with the SEGGER J-Link GDB RTOS plug-in SDK

    C 3 4

  5. DEPRECATED: ARM semihosting support

    C++ 2

  6. A source xPack with the µOS++ support for the SiFive Core Complex devices

    C 2



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