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// Package broker is an interface used for asynchronous messaging
package broker
// Broker is an interface used for asynchronous messaging.
type Broker interface {
Init(...Option) error
Options() Options
Address() string
Connect() error
Disconnect() error
Publish(topic string, m *Message, opts ...PublishOption) error
Subscribe(topic string, h Handler, opts ...SubscribeOption) (Subscriber, error)
String() string
// Handler is used to process messages via a subscription of a topic.
// The handler is passed a publication interface which contains the
// message and optional Ack method to acknowledge receipt of the message.
type Handler func(Event) error
type Message struct {
Header map[string]string
Body []byte
// Event is given to a subscription handler for processing
type Event interface {
Topic() string
Message() *Message
Ack() error
// Subscriber is a convenience return type for the Subscribe method
type Subscriber interface {
Options() SubscribeOptions
Topic() string
Unsubscribe() error
var (
DefaultBroker Broker = newHttpBroker()
func NewBroker(opts ...Option) Broker {
return newHttpBroker(opts...)
func Init(opts ...Option) error {
return DefaultBroker.Init(opts...)
func Connect() error {
return DefaultBroker.Connect()
func Disconnect() error {
return DefaultBroker.Disconnect()
func Publish(topic string, msg *Message, opts ...PublishOption) error {
return DefaultBroker.Publish(topic, msg, opts...)
func Subscribe(topic string, handler Handler, opts ...SubscribeOption) (Subscriber, error) {
return DefaultBroker.Subscribe(topic, handler, opts...)
func String() string {
return DefaultBroker.String()
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