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// Package codec is an interface for encoding messages
package codec
import (
const (
Error MessageType = iota
type MessageType int
// Takes in a connection/buffer and returns a new Codec
type NewCodec func(io.ReadWriteCloser) Codec
// Codec encodes/decodes various types of messages used within go-micro.
// ReadHeader and ReadBody are called in pairs to read requests/responses
// from the connection. Close is called when finished with the
// connection. ReadBody may be called with a nil argument to force the
// body to be read and discarded.
type Codec interface {
Close() error
String() string
type Reader interface {
ReadHeader(*Message, MessageType) error
ReadBody(interface{}) error
type Writer interface {
Write(*Message, interface{}) error
// Marshaler is a simple encoding interface used for the broker/transport
// where headers are not supported by the underlying implementation.
type Marshaler interface {
Marshal(interface{}) ([]byte, error)
Unmarshal([]byte, interface{}) error
String() string
// Message represents detailed information about
// the communication, likely followed by the body.
// In the case of an error, body may be nil.
type Message struct {
Id string
Type MessageType
Target string
Method string
Endpoint string
Error string
// The values read from the socket
Header map[string]string
Body []byte
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