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// Package registry is an interface for service discovery
package registry
import (
// The registry provides an interface for service discovery
// and an abstraction over varying implementations
// {consul, etcd, zookeeper, ...}
type Registry interface {
Init(...Option) error
Options() Options
Register(*Service, ...RegisterOption) error
Deregister(*Service) error
GetService(string) ([]*Service, error)
ListServices() ([]*Service, error)
Watch(...WatchOption) (Watcher, error)
String() string
type Option func(*Options)
type RegisterOption func(*RegisterOptions)
type WatchOption func(*WatchOptions)
var (
DefaultRegistry = NewRegistry()
// Not found error when GetService is called
ErrNotFound = errors.New("not found")
// Watcher stopped error when watcher is stopped
ErrWatcherStopped = errors.New("watcher stopped")
// Register a service node. Additionally supply options such as TTL.
func Register(s *Service, opts ...RegisterOption) error {
return DefaultRegistry.Register(s, opts...)
// Deregister a service node
func Deregister(s *Service) error {
return DefaultRegistry.Deregister(s)
// Retrieve a service. A slice is returned since we separate Name/Version.
func GetService(name string) ([]*Service, error) {
return DefaultRegistry.GetService(name)
// List the services. Only returns service names
func ListServices() ([]*Service, error) {
return DefaultRegistry.ListServices()
// Watch returns a watcher which allows you to track updates to the registry.
func Watch(opts ...WatchOption) (Watcher, error) {
return DefaultRegistry.Watch(opts...)
func String() string {
return DefaultRegistry.String()
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