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@asim asim released this Jan 30, 2020 · 96 commits to master since this release

v2 release

Major breaking changes

  • grpc client/server by default
  • embedded nats broker by defaut
  • move to urfave/cli v2 fork


  • Add grpc streaming connection pool support
  • Support true bidirectional streaming in rpc client
  • Add tracer interface for in-built tracing
  • Return error for new config initialisation
  • Add config service implementation
  • Add kubernetes log implementation
  • Add os log streaming implementation
  • Add debug profiling using go profiler
  • Add Debug.Log/Trace endpoints
  • Support lower-case metadata key reading
  • Strip down router interface
  • Move network to be gossip based rather than broadcast
  • Restructure runtime package
  • Change the store interface to be simpler taking one arg only
  • Strip down the tunnel to be simpler
  • Add built in wrapper for stats requests/error tracking
  • more changes...

See below:


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