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The Turing Agent
A Small Gameboy CTF


You find yourself in your usual place in front of a bright blue monitor, playing a dull game of email roulette, which involves mindlessly refreshing your mailbox in hopes of a receiving news about a new mission. You never imagined that your job as a Turing Agent would come to this; the work these days has slowed to a crawl as the agency has had fewer rampant AIs to subdue. You feel a tingle from your morality meter as you catch yourself wishing for a cyber calamity.

Finally, a fateful ding announces your long awaited message. A neat stack of files gleam at you from advanced desktop simulation (now with four sides!).

The stack includes a README, which incidentally is where you are receiving these thoughts from right now.

The README informs you that your next destination should be tools.txt, which is a little memo from your boss. It would be in your best interest to skim it over to properly prepare for the mission at hand.

The README also mentions that you will find two hints tucked away at the bottom of the stack of files, if you find yourself with nowhere left to turn.

Last but not least, the mission comes in the form of a binary of sorts. And now, the README will leave the rest of the thinking to you.

You are jerked out of the email simulation, which is a sensation that is comparable to a minor whiplash from a car collision with your neighbor's mailbox. You shake yourself off and you feel more than ready to tackle your mission.



This game was made in collaboration by Lillian and Alice Wang.
Thanks Lillian for the amazing artwork! <3


Version History

1.0 - 08/10/2017 - First release


The Turing Agent: A Small Gameboy CTF







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