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Ontology for Microbial Phenotypes

Phenotype annotation for bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotic microbes

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  1. OMP-ontology OMP-ontology Public

    This repository contains the editors's working copy of OMP and public release files.

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  2. OMPwiki OMPwiki Public

    Bug reports, feature requests, etc. for OMPwiki


  3. pato pato Public

    Forked from pato-ontology/pato

    PATO - the Phenotype And Trait Ontology

    Web Ontology Language

  4. PanOCT_runs PanOCT_runs Public

  5. Annotations_In_OMPwiki Annotations_In_OMPwiki Public

    Additions and changes in annotations made in the OMPwiki <>

  6. Ortholog-Clusters-for-Pangenomes Ortholog-Clusters-for-Pangenomes Public

    This repository contains information about the clusters of orthologous proteins that are being used by OMP to define the pangenes of various bacterial species-level taxa.


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