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Oct 17, 2014

Microblink is a mobile vision software development company. Here are code repositories of our products.

BlinkID enables scanning of over 100 international identity documents including driving licenses, national identity cards, passports and others. Information is extracted either with OCR of the MRZ (machine-readable zone) or plain text from the documents; or by scanning a barcode. The SDK is available for integration in native and cross-platform environments.

BlinkInput is a various data scanner and enables scanning of predefined structured information such as VIN, license plate, TOP UP codes, IBAN, payment data (amount, reference, account number), coupon numbers etc. The SDK is available for native Android and iOS platforms.

PDF417 SDK or WEB API enables scanning and parsing 1D and 2D barcodes such as QR, PDF417, and others. For standardized barcodes such as SEPA payment barcode, PDF417 also features parsing.

PhotoPay SDK captures payment information from standardized and non-standard payment slips and it's often used in mobile banking apps. For scanning unstructured invoices field-by-field scanning feature is available. PhotoPay also features barcode scanning with built-in parsing logic for most of the standard payment barcodes, including SEPA QR standard.

BlinkReceipt SDK captures raw OCR data or structured information from retail receipts. BlinkReceipt enables item-level data capture from retail receipts.


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