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kosearch iss a Search module for Kohana PHP. More specifically, it's an implementation of Zend (Lucene) Search, a file-based search/index solution. kosearch provides a simple way to index and search Models. It's perfect for a web site that might contain news, products etc. kosearch also exposes the underlying Zend libraries so that other things can be indexed - PDFs, web pages, Word docs etc.
The kosearch module has been written for, and tested against Kohana 2.3.4
The module includes a sample application that demonstrates and explains how to sue the module
To get up and running:
1. Copy the kosearch folder into your application/modules folder
2. Enable the search module in application/config (MODPATH.'search')
3. Run the example application, open your browser and navigate to
The example explains where to download the necessary 3rd party Zend libraries etc.
kosearch is developed and maintained by badlydrawntoy -