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+kosearch iss a Search module for Kohana PHP. More specifically, it's an implementation of Zend (Lucene) Search, a file-based search/index solution. kosearch provides a simple way to index and search Models. It's perfect for a web site that might contain news, products etc. kosearch also exposes the underlying Zend libraries so that other things can be indexed - PDFs, web pages, Word docs etc.
+The kosearch module has been written for, and tested against Kohana 2.3.4
+The module includes a sample application that demonstrates and explains how to sue the module
+To get up and running:
+1. Copy the kosearch folder into your application/modules folder
+2. Enable the search module in application/config (MODPATH.'search')
+3. Run the example application, open your browser and navigate to
+The example explains where to download the necessary 3rd party Zend libraries etc.
+kosearch is developed and maintained by badlydrawntoy -

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