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v1.1.2 - ongoing
- Added drivers/sensors/ina219/ina219.c (work in progress!)
- Added drivers/displays/tft/hw/hx8347d.C (courtesy tauonteilchen again)
- Added drivers/dac/mcp4901 (courtesy tauonteilchen, thanks!)
- Cleaned up /tools/testfirmware to include more recent blinky, etc.
- Added basic TEA5767 drive
- Added core/cmd/ansi.h (rediscover the joy of ANSI graphics codes :)
- Added fastHLine and fastVLine to lcdProperties_t for all lcd drivers (to
known whether an accelerated vertical or horizontal line drawing function
is present in the driver or not)
- Updated all LCD drivers to include the fastHLine and fastVLine flags
- Added PWM command to CLI (thanks Miceuz)
- Added optional callback in 32-bit timer ISR (thanks again Miceuz)
- Minor accuracy improvement to pwm.c (off by 1 error)
- Fixed typos in cmd_pwm.c and cmd_tbl.h
- Changed I2C default speed to 400kHz (from 100kHz)
v1.1.1 - 14 April 2012
- Added drawRoundedRectangle to drawing.c
- Added ability to select filled or empty rounded rectangles to the 'R' CLI
- Fixed Crossworks Project (missing dependencies)
v1.1.0 - 9 April 2012
- Rewrote corner and rounded rectangle code. Only one corner enum is now used
- Renamed drawRectangleRounded to drawRoundedRectangleFilled
- Removed drawProgressBar and drawButton from drawing.c, since drawing should
only contain drawing primitives
- Reorganised a lot of the TFT drawing library to support external controls,
and dynamically switch between bitmap and anti-aliased fonts. In the future
everything that isn't a basic drawing primitive will be placed in it's own
control. The main benefit of this is that it's much easier to customize the
look and feel of your UI without having to modify drawing.c and the basic
drawing primitives, and to be able to switch from bitmap to anti-aliased
fonts depending on how much flash space you have free, etc.
- Removed bmp_error_t drawBitmapImage(uint16_t x, uint16_t y, char *filename)
to keep better seperation of primitives and more complex features, and
reduce external dependencies in drawing.c. Call bmpDrawImage (bmp.c)
directly instead.
- Added drawCorner to drawing.c
- Added new 'controls/' folder to the GFX library, and added a number of
controls that will render correctly with the theme settings, as well as
using bitmap or anti-aliased fonts, depending on projectconfig.h
- New controls:
- button
- hsbchart (Hue/saturation/brightness chart for color pickers)
- huechart (Hue selection gradient for color pickers)
- label
- labelcentered
- progressbar
- Added theme.h to try to define all of the color and font settings used by
the controls in one location to make it easier to update or modify
- Added aafontsCenterString to aafonts.c
- Updated Crossworks Project to use LPC1000 Lib 1.19 (uses CMSIS 3.0)
- Some performance improvements to core/gpio/gpio.c (thanks Tom for the
- Fixed alpha blending when alpha = 100%
- Change gpioSetValue to be inline (should optimise to a single operation)
v1.0.0 - 23 March 2012
- Added support for LPCXpresso IDE
- *** Moved '/drivers/chibi' to '/drivers/rf/chibi' ***
- *** Moved '/drivers/sensors/pn532' to '/drivers/rf/pn532' ***
- *** Renamed '/drivers/spiflash' to '/drivers/storage/spiflash' ***
- *** Renamed '/drivers/eeprom' to '/drivers/storage/eeprom' ***
- *** Renamed '/drivers/lcd' to '/drivers/display' ***
- Added I2C support to the SSD1306 driver
- Moved all color conversion and manipulation functions
to '/drivers/displays/tft/colors.c', and added a
few new functions: colorsDim(), etc.
- Added code to render antialiased fonts, based on
lookup tables (fast) or alpha-blending (mixed color
backgrounds). Support for AA2 (2-bit) and AA4
(4-bit) anti-aliased fonts included. Alpha-blending
only possible on displays where pixels can be read
- Added drawGradient() to drawing.c
- Removed height parameter from drawButton. It's now
calculated based on the font height, and centered.
- Added bell to CLI when backspace is pressed beyond
the starting position (cosmetic, but still useful)
- Removed dependency on /core/libc files in Crossworks
when redirecting printf (added printf replacement
to sysinit.c instead)
- Added basic AS1115 driver for segment displays
- Added driver for HX8340-B based LCDs
- Added flag to projectconfig.h to disable the default
GPIO IRQ Handler functions in code/gpio/gpio.c (in
case you want to make your own ISR elsewhere)
- Added driver for Samsung VFD displays from Adafruit
- Added ADC average sampling option to projectconfig.h.
This allows you to take several readings from the
ADC and return the average. Helps reduces peaks and
valleys in the ADC due to noisen but at the expense
of slower reads.
See: "tools/validation/adctest" for more info
- Added I2C driver for PN532
- Updated and added PN532 examples to
- updated touchscreen.h to be a bit clearer during
calibration, though it can still be much better
- Had to add "__asm volatile("nop");" after pin writes
in the ILI9328 driver since some LCDs couldn't
keep up with the high-speed writes with bit-banding
- Fixed I2C clock duty cycle registers
- Changed I2C buffer size from 32 to 64 bytes (i2c.h)
- Added CFG_BRD_LPC1343_OLIMEX_P to board selection
in projectconfig.h (courtesy PHK)
- Added SSD1331_COLORORDER_RGB flag to SSD1331.h to
select between RGB and BGR color order
- Added 128x32 support to ssd1306.c and rewrote
initialize sequence for 128x32 and 128x64 displays
- Added driver for Sharp Memory Display
- Added SPI Flash example
- Added write function to SPI Flash driver
- Added CFG_BRD_LPC1343_REFDESIGN_MINIMAL as a board
option in projectconfig.h. Tries to keep the flash
use as small as possible by initialising less
peripherals in systemInit().
- Changed CodeLite project files to support real
debugging with a Segger J-Link and GDB Server.
- Fixed issue with USB CDC instantiation for
FreeBSD (courtesy PHK)
- Added experimental SSD1351 OLED driver to
v0.9.5 - 3 August 2011
- Redid the font rendering code to use DotFactory
generated fonts, and update to the latest binary
in the /tools folder. All fonts have been
re-rendered to accomodate the updated code.
- Updated clock values in cpu.c for PLL to match FCCO
range of 156-320MHz
lpc111x.h to match usermanual
lpc111x.h to match usermanual
- Added inline version of key functions in ili9328.c,
which increases the code size ~1.3KB but more than
doubles the drawing speed for most drawing functions
by avoiding branch operations and pushing and popping
the stack multiple times. Inline methods can be
toggled with 'ILI9238_USE_INLINE_METHODS'.
- Fixed IOCON_SWDIO_PIO1_3_FUNC_CT32B1_MAT2 in lpc134x.h
- Added drawCornerFilled() to drawing.c and LCD CLI
- Fixed a nasty bug with 'gpioInterruptEvent' in the
gpioSetInterrupt function (core/gpio/gpio.c)
- Add drawTriangle() and drawTriangleFilled() to
drawing.c and LCD CLI
- Added cpuReset() to reset the board via AIRCR
- Removed text input dialogue from LCD CLI ('T') to
save a few KB. Command file still exists, just no
longer included in cmd_tbl.h by default.
v0.9.2 - 14 June 2011
- Added ISL12022M RTC Driver (/drivers/rtc/isl12022m)
- Fixed a bug drawing filled circles with lcdDrawVLine
- Added CLI command to toggle LCD backlight
- Added rounded rectangle command to CLI
- Added CFG_INTERFACE_DROPCR to projectconfig.h to
ignore CR (\r) characters in incoming data for
the CLI
- Added CFG_INTERFACE_SHORTERRORS to projectconfig.h
to only send short (1 char + new line) CLI error
messages rather than something verbose
- Added CFG_INTERFACE_CONFIRMREADY to projectconfig.h
to provide a character to indicate when a command
is complete in case the IRQ pin
- Fixed a bug with reversed R and B bits when reading
a pixel from the LCD in CLI mode
- Added lcdDrawPixels() to lcd.h and the current lcd
drivers to render rows of raw lcd data much quicker
than addressing consecutive pixels individually.
Can be used with windowing in future for fast
animation, continuously writing raw pixels in a
32x32 pixel frame, etc.
- Fixed ili9328SetWindow() and ili9325SetWindow().
They can now be used for fast screen paints of
restricted areas of the screen, such as animations
where raw pixel data is constantly fed to the LCD.
- Fixed pixel overflow bugs in drawCircleFilled(). Any
pixels that exceed screen limits will now be dropped,
though at the expense of slightly slower code.
- Added drawLineDotted() to drawing.c to draw lines with
a fixed pattern of empty and solid pixels
- Added __resetBootloader() macro to lpc134x.h to
reset and enter the USB bootloader (LPC1343 Reference
Design Base Board only since this depends on the
existance of the RC combination on the ISP pin).
To reset and executre code normally, the watchdog
time can be used (see "core/wdt").
- Added AIRCR register to lpc134x.h (Application Interrupt
and Reset Control Register).
- Added drawIcon16() to drawing.c to render monochrome
16x16 pixel icons from a byte array.
- Added a handful of common 16x16 icon definitions in
/drivers/lcd/icons16.h ... adapted from Gentleface
Toolbar Icon Set. For license terms see
- Added a few basic RGB565 color schemes to colors.h and
an image file showing the colors in /tools/colors_h.png
- Updated alphanumeric dialogue form to use new buttons.
- Rewrote drawButton() to use rounded rectangle and
all colors are now passed in as parameters. Also
modified the button command in the CLI to match this.
- Rewrote drawProgressBar() to take advantage of the
new rounded rectangle function (below). Also
modified the progress bar command in the CLI to
allow more colors to be indicated when rendering.
- Added drawRectangleRounded() to drawing.c (filled
rectangle with configurable rounded corners).
- Added drawArrow() to drawing.c to make small rectangles
for left/right menu items, etc.
- Completely rewrote the touch screen calibration code to
be much more accurate.
v0.9.0 - 28 March 2011
- Calibration process no longer starts automatically when
calibration data is not found in EEPROM. tsCalibrate()
now needs to called manually or from the CLI.
- Fixed a bug in cmd_tswait.c when no delay was passed.
- Added CLI command to set touch screen threshold
to register a touch event (since this can vary from
screen to screen). Type 'x' at the CLI to get/set
the value. The setting is persisted to EEPROM, and if
from projectconfig.h is used.
- Adjusted touch screen code to check ADC values twice
and compare. If mismatch occurs, and error is returned.
This provides far more consistent TS values at the
expense of having to check the error results. See
'alphanumeric.c' for an example of doing this
- Added seperate driver for ILI9328 based displays, even
though it seems to be identical to the ILI9325. Files
were seperated in case the initialisation needs to be
tweeked later or if incompatibilities are found.
- Added the ability to write the contents of the LCD
to a bitmap image, though it's very slow reading data
pixel by pixel and converting it to 24-bit RGB values.
Performance can definately be improved.
- Added 'drawRGB565toBGRA32' to drawing.c to convert
RGB565 colors back to the canonical BGRA32 format
- Added gain controls to TSL2561 driver to increase or
decrease sensitivity. Should be easy to implement
auto-gain functionality now.
- Changed USB VID to a valid value. Source files and
lpc134x-vcom.inf updated accordingly.
- Moved USB VID and PID to projectconfig.h
- Added '-mcpu' flag to the linker in Makefile (the wrong
libm was being linked because of this).
- Some config settings in EEPROM were relocated in v0.90+
of the LPC1343 Code Base to take into account the new
touch screen calibration code. See projectconfig.h
for more details of the new EEPROM layout.
v0.8.6 - 21 March 2011
- Added DWT section to LPC134x.h (see Cortex-M3
Technical Reference Manual section 8.3)
- Added CPU_RESET_CYCLECOUNTER to cpu.c to do rough
in-code performance checks (counts CPU cycles)
- Added '-lm' to linker in Makefile for math.c support
- Increased MAX_STRING_SIZE from 100 to 255 in stdio.c
- Added driver for the TCS3414 RGB color sensor
- Added driver for the TSL2561 digital light sensor
- Added CFG_USBCDC_BUFFERSIZE to projectconfig.h
instead of cdc_buf.h.
- Added a PWM example using a piezo buzzer (see
'tools/examples/basics/pwm_piezobuzzer' for details)
- Added ctype.c to 'core/libc'
- Changed Crossworks project to use libc files from
'core/libc' and modified the USB CDC printf to be
much faster by redirecting inside 'puts' rather than
'__putchar' (see 'sysinit.c').
- Fixed a bug in LPC134x.h ... USB_CMDCODE write and read
masks were reversed
- Added a simple example of reading the card ID from an
ISO14443A (Mifare Classic, etc.) card using the PN532
- Added an 'lcd' folder to 'tools/examples' showing how to use
the generic lcd drawing routines, the touch-screen, etc.
- Rewrote part of the touch screen calibration code to get more
accurate results. Each point is now tested twice and the
results are averaged. Values beyond a certain limit are also
rejected to ignore wacky readings.
- Added a preliminary PN532 (NFC/RFID) driver. Currently UART
only, and only allows simple commands to be sent and received.
By default, all data is fed out to the console via printf.
Will be elaborated and expanded in future releases.
- Cleaned up the ILI9325 TFT LCD driver a bit, adding a proper
enum for the commands, etc.
v0.8.5 - 7 March 2011
- Fixed a problem with GDB script when deploying firmware
with Segger J-Link in CodeLite. Code will now deploy
and start executing properly when F5 is pressed (assuming
the Segger GDB Server software is running in the background).
- Interrupts are now disabled while feeding the watchdog as per
a warning in the usermanual.
- Changed fonts for TTF LCDs. DejaVu Sans 9 is now used by default
in the LPC1343 Code Base. The following open source fonts have
been converted using The Dot Factory (see '/tools/dotfactory') and
can be found in '/drivers/lcd/tft/fonts':
------------------------------- ----------
- Bitstream Vera Mono 9 Fixed (8)
- Bitstream Vera Mono 9 Bold Fixed (8)
- Bitstream Vera Mono 11 Fixed (9)
- Bitstream Vera Mono 11 Bold Fixed (9)
- DejaVu Sans 9 Variable
- DejaVu Sans 9 Bold Variable
- DejaVu Sans Condensed 9 Variable
- DejaVu Sans Mono 8 Fixed (8)
- DejaVu Sans Mono 8 Bold Fixed (8)
- Modified projectconfig.h to select the target board and configure
the project accordingly. This isn't ideal, but it's a lot more
maintainable than have a seperate code base for every board since
they share 95% of the same code.
- Modified WDT code to use the WDT oscillator (rather than the
external crystal)
- Fixed a bug when waking up from sleep in Chibi. Removed systick
delay when toggling reset and slptr pins since this was causing
a blocking condition with the wakeup ISR.
- Added an example of how to retrieve the MCU's unique
128-bit serial number using IAP (core/iap)
- Added an option to projectconfig.h to select which pin to use for
SCK on SSP0, since the QFN33 package doesn't have all the same
- Updated Chibi to v0.91 (adds sleep method and promiscuous mode to allow
Chibi to act as an 802.15.4 packet sniffer, etc.).
- Added lcdProperties_t to lcd.h to indicate the properties of different
LCDs (to determine if there is a touch screen present, whether the
screen orientation can be changed, etc.)
- Added basic ST7735 LCD driver (128x160 pixel TFT LCD using 6-pin
SPI-esque interface). Work in progress (no orientation support, etc.).
- Added some simple examples in the 'tools/examples' folder.
v0.80 - 27 Jan 2011
- Added optimised lcdDrawVLine using orientation
though this should only be used on lines
greate than 20 pixels or so to see any real
- Added cmd_uart to allow the HW UART speed
to be set in EEPROM (between 9600 and
115200). Use the 'U' command.
- Updated Crossworks projects files to use
custom printf in 'core/libc' (gains about
1.3KB in release mode)
- Added driver for SSD1306 OLED displays
to '/drivers/bitmap/ssd1306'
- Changed commands in the CLI to single
characters and shortened descriptions
to save flash space (~0.7KB)
- Updated ILI9325 to allow the screen
orientation to be changed to portrait
of landscape mode.
- Added cmd_orientation to change the LCD
orientation from the CLI
- Fixed a bug in the PMU Wakeup interrupt
- Added a circular buffer for outgoing CDC
data (cdc_buf.c) since you can only feed one
frame per ms (max 64 bytes). The speed needs
to be improved finding the right balance
between caching data and sending it to the EP,
but this should avoid any dropped characters.
More testing will be needed to improve this.
- Fixed a bug with the USB CDC buffer
- Added SILENTMODE to the CLI to disable the
command prompt and echo of input characters
when another MCU is use the CLI rather than
a human.
- Added IRQ pin to the CLI to indicate when a
command is being processed (pin = low) and
when it has completed or a new command can
be processed (pin = high).
- Added 'cmd_tswait' to wait for a touch event
- Removed 'drivers/nfc/pn532' until proper drivers
can be written
- Added 'cmd_text' and 'cmd_textw' to the CLI to
render text on the LCD and get the width in
pixels of the specified text before rendering.
v0.70 - 18 Dec 2010
- Added 'calibrate' and 'gettext' commands to the CLI
- Added a dialogue box for the TFT LCD/Touchscreen
to input alpha-numeric data and return the
results as a string ('drivers/lcd/tft/dialogues/*')
- Added touch screen calibration code and UI
- Fixed a bug in ILI9325.c to make sure that the LCD
is reset during initialisation
- ** IMPORTANT ** Changed 'core/i2c/*' to fix a number
of bugs (thanks Rob65!) ... though this means all
i2c peripherals and drivers will need to be tested.
- Added 'colorscheme_t' to drawing.h to try to use a
standard color palette across GUI controls and make
it easy to change later. Currently only the button
and progress bar make use of this.
- Added 'lcdBacklightOn()' and 'lcdBacklightOff()' to
- Added 'CFG_TFTLCD_TS_THRESHOLD' to projectconfig.h
to configure touch-screen sensitivity when waiting
for a touch event
- Modified 'core/gpio/gpio.c' to reduce the compiled code
size. Repetitive switches where only the registers
change were modified to use temporary registers and
execute the code only once.
- Added the source and binaries for TheDotFactory to
'tools/dotfactory' for convenience sake. See:
- Removed 'drivers/lcd/tft/tscalibration.c' and moved
the relevant code to touchscreen.c
- Removed the imgconv tool from 'tools/imgconv' (see
point below for more information)
- Removed the previous custom image code and replaced
it with 24-bit Windows bitmap files. This is a bit
slower (since 24-bit data needs to be converted to
RGB565 for each pixel and rows are rendered bottom
up making pixel drawing harder to optimise) but
converting and eventually saving images is easier.
The current code is functional but needs to be
heavily optimised.
- Made some minor optimisations to the data and cmd
functions in the ILI9325 driver. Other functions
need to be optimised as well, but these two should
be close to optimal now. Currently 25 cycles
compiled with -Os, 36 cycles with no optimisation.
- Added 'projects/command/drawing/cmd_bmp.c' to load
24-bit Windows bitmap images from the SD card and
display them on the TFT LCD.
- Added some schematics to '/tools/schematics' to
show the assumed pin configurations
v0.60 - 8 December 2010
- Added a number of CLI commands for the TFT LCD
(see 'project/commands/drawing')
- Modified FCLK_FAST() in 'drivers/fatfs/mmc.c' to set
the max speed to 6.0MHz for improved reliability.
Tested with a 4GB microSD card, 300KB/s can be read
using a 512 byte read buffer.
- Modified Chibi to use 16-bit timer 0 for us delays
(more accurate)
- Added a number of commands to
'/projects/commands/drawing' for basic TFT LCD
operations. Removed 'lcd-test.c' and 'lcd-fill.c'.
- Added a flag to projectconfig.h to make FATFS read-only
(to save a couple KB when space is tight).
- Moved 'project/eeprom.*' to 'drivers/eeprom' to add a
level of abstraction to eeprom access throughout the code
- Added a table to projectconfig.h to manage eeprom
addresses. First 256 byte of eeprom should be reserved
for this.
- Added 'drivers/lcd/tft/colors.h' to keep all common
16-bit RGB565 color definitions in one location
- Added some sample images to 'tools/imgconv' that can
be used to render a basic clock on a TFT LCD screen
(using drawImageFromFile in 'drivers/lcd/tft/drawing.c')
- Modified the makefile to automatically run './lpcrc'
- Added drawButton() to 'drivers/lcd/tft/drawing.c'
- Updated 'drivers/lcd/tft/touchscreen.c' to do basic
debouncing. tsReadZ() was added to detect pressure on
the touch screen, and tsWaitForEvent() will only exit
when the pressure passes a minimum threshold. (Thanks
to Limor for pointing out some code by Rossum for this.)
- Fixed some off-by-one pixel errors in cmd-test and
v0.51 - 27 November 2010
- Added simple RSA encryption/decryption driver. Currently limited to
using 64-bit and 32-bit numbers in key pairs, which isn't terribly secure,
but allows much smaller code size than if huge number support was included.
- Added a driver for the MCP4725 I2C DAC (see "drivers/dac/mcp4725").
- Moved 'rom_drivers.h' from 'core/usbhid-rom' to 'core' since it can be used
for usbmsd-rom as well if it is implemented at a later date.
- ili9325ReadData() added to ili9325.c by Adafruit Industries (thanks!)
- Modified FCLK_FAST() in 'drivers/fatfs/mmc.c' to set fast SPI speed
to 18MHz instead of the previous 4MHz. This allows for slightly faster
rendering of bitmap images from SD cards, amongst other things.
- Fixed ILI9325 driver to use 0,0 based pixels and not 1x1, meaning the
pixel co-ordinates are 0..239 for X and 0..319 for Y. There may still be
some off-by-one pixel issues that need to be further tested.
v0.50 - 26 October 2010
- Moved command.c and cmd_tbl.h to /project to try to keep all
project-specific files in one location to improve code-sharing and make
upgrading easier
- Created seperate .c files for every command for the command-line interface
to make it easier to maintain and share code between projects. All commands
listed in cmd_tbl.h are now stored in their own files in /project/commands
(ex.: "/project/commands/cmd_hello.c", etc.)
- Added a CLI command to demonstrate how to draw to the ILI9325 TFT LCD
- Added a CLI command to show the contents of any directory from the SD card
- Added a CLI command showing how to enter deep-sleep and exit with a SW
wakeup (/project/commands/cmd_deepsleep.c). Please note that the wakeup
will not work if you are using USB for the CLI. To see the wakeup message,
you must use UART for the CLI, which is selected by uncommenting
CFG_PRINTF_UART in projectconfig.h
- Fixed pmu.c to set the core clock back to an appropriate state after wakeup
- Added simple wrapper for eeprom access (projects/eeprom.c)
- Reorganised drivers/lcd to take into account non TFT LCD displays.
- Added a preliminary (experimental) driver for 128x64 pixel ST7565-based
bitmap LCDs (ex: Adafruit Industries - ... based on a
driver from Limor Fried at Adafruit
- Numerous bug fixes added by Roel Verdult (Linux compatibility, GCC warnings, etc.)
- Added stub files for PN532 driver (/drivers/nfc/pn532), and added CFG_PN532 to
projectconfig.h as an option
- Added a simple pwm example using 16-bit timer 1 and p1.9 (MAT0) for the output. PWM can be used
to drive stepper motors, or to dim LEDs by adjusting the duty-cycle, etc. The example can be
found in "/core/pwm"
- Added a bi-polar stepper motor driver based on the Arduino library. Basic position data was added
to detece deviation from the 'Home' position and to retrieve the spindle's current angle. See
"drivers/motor/stepper" for more information.
- Added test firmware for the UART and USBCDC CLI (tools/testfirmware)
- Added a table to projectconfig.h to try to keep track of pin and peripherals
usage by drivers and the included SW examples.
- Reorganised some pins used by drivers to avoid pin conflicts.
- Modified core/timer16/timer16.c to allow PWM output to be stopped after a
certain number of pulses have been sent out.
- The SPI code needs to be modified to allow several SPI devices to be safely
connected on the same bus. At present, this has not been tested since the
SSP/SPI blocks are used exclusively in the current drivers.
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