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Cura Profile - Aldi Printer - John S.ini
Cura Profile Cocoon HE150272 - 3D printer.ini

Documentation for MelbPC 3D Printer

Printer is a CTC Prusa I3 Pro B.

It is a knockoff of Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro B.

Uses a GT2560 electronics board

In addition, we have purchased a webcam and a raspberry pi.

Relevant Files in the Repository

Marlin-1.1.4/Configuration.h and Marlin-1.1.4/Configuration_adv.h

To use these settings from fresh, download latest Arduino and Marlin 1.1.4 and then replace these two files.

3D Printer Setup

There is now a dedicated wireless router connected to the Raspberry Pi. A wireless network called 3D Printer is now available. From there you can access Octoprint ( to operate the Printer and direct send print jobs from latest version of Cura using the Cura Profile



Octorprint is running on a Raspberry Pi 2. It is used to operate the printer.

Octoprint uses Cura to do the slicing. You can find the Cura settings here

You can use Advanced IP Scanner ( to determine IP address of Pi. Alternatively, you can install Bonjour Print Services (, then access Pi with http://octopi.local (zeroconf)

Tips and Tricks for Octopi/octoprint

Emergency webcam URL:

From downstairs: (provided there is an ethernet connection to pi. Remember to plug the USB cable from GT2560 board to one of the 4 USB ports on the Pi.) (webcam)

From upstairs:

Port forwarding has been enabled on the router attached to the Pi. (webcam)

#Place to Buy Filament Plastrude (Bayswater)

Bilby Aururum

SSH available also with user/passwd pi/raspberry

#Youtube Channel