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Supported boards

MicroFlo for Embedded Linux is work-in-progress. A basic I/O backend with support for sysfs-based GPIO exists.

It has been tested on:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Desktop Linux like Arch, Ubuntu
  • add-your-board-here


  1. Download and install Node.JS
  2. Download and install a C++ toolchain for your Embedded Linux device

Building MicroFlo

It is assumed that you have common build tools such as 'make', 'git'

  1. Install MicroFlo

    npm install microflo export PATH=pwd/node_modules/.bin/

  2. Download example code


  3. Build

    microflo generate embedding.cpp build/ --target linux g++ -o build/main embedding.cpp -std=c++11 -I./build -I./node_modules/microflo/microflo

  4. Run


    Should print out 14

  5. Open code, make changes, GOTO .3

    $EDITOR embedding.cpp