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The parsing specification is vague about handling non-standard formats, e.g. <div class="h-fwfkjwe">foo</div>. Include them in the json? Ignore? Warn? Error out?

The css-selectors used to describe the parsing seem to indicate that non-standard formats are valid:

:not[.h-*] is not a valid CSS selector but is used here to mean:
does not have any class names that start with "h-"


The "*" for root (and property) class names consists only of lowercase a-z and '-' characters.

The test suite however does not contain any examples for this and only checks well-known formats.

In any case, stating this more explicitly in the specification wouldn't hurt.


My understanding is that parsers should not care about which formats are "standard" and which aren't. That is of the main differences between Microformats 1 and 2 – that in Microformats 1 parsers needed to know about all standards to be able to parse whereas in Microformats 2 parsers can parse all standards without any specific knowledge of a specific one.


There probably should be tests in the suite for only parsing lowercase-alpha; we recently added a fix and tests for that in the PHP parser, indieweb/php-mf2.

Outside of that, I think it's generally a feature that it parses anything matching the pattern. It allows experimental mf2 like p-x-whatever without updating the parsing spec.

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add tests for non-standard usage #54

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