Computational fluid dynamics code for simulation of turbulent flows in the atmospheric boundary layer
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MicroHH is a computational fluid dynamics code made for Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) and Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent flows in the atmospheric boundary layer. The code is written in C++.

MicroHH is hosted on GitHub ( Here, the latest version of the source code can be found, as well as all releases. In case of any questions, please contact Chiel van Heerwaarden (chielvanheerwaarden at Bug notifications and fixes are always welcome.

MicroHH is described in detail in Van Heerwaarden et al. (2017). In case you decide to use MicroHH for your own research, the developers would appreciate to be notified and kindly request to cite their reference paper. The version described in the reference paper has been assigned a DOI via Zenodo.

For new users, we wrote a short tutorial which covers all steps from preparing your system and compiling the code, to running a first test case.