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Interact with Microlink API without exposing your credentials.

Deploy with Vercel


Interacting directly with Microlink API from frontend side is one of the most common scenarios.

However, it could be a risk security scenario if you are exposing your x-api-key, being possible that anyone can steal it and consume your API quota.

For preventing that, this tiny microservice allows you interact with Microlink API without compromising your credentials.


Deploy this service, setting up the necessaries environment variables.

After that, every time you need to interact with Microlink API, just call the microservice URL instead.

If you are using mql, setup it as endpoint parameter:

const mql = require('@microlink/mql')

mql('', {
  endpoint: ''

Environment Variables


Type: string

Your Microlink API key used to authenticate your requests.


Type: string|string[]

The list of allowed domains authorized to consume your Microlink API credentials.

Note domains should be provided in the URL.origin format (e.g., '').


Type: string

The Microlink API endpoint used for sending the requests.


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