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The Microlink SDK is the way to consume Microlink API directly from your UI.

Based on that premise, Microlink SDK has been designed with two premises on the mind.

  • Common surface: Although they may have different interface API, every specific integration has the same functionalities.
  • Lightweight & fast: The bundle size tend to be equal or less than 10KB (no polyfills included).
  • Customizable style: At least you can customize style using universal CSS classes present on the markup.


Since Microlink SDK consume Microlink API and turn the raw data into a beauty preview, it needs to perform an internal request for getting from the target URL.

For doing that, our integrations use standard fetch. However, Microlink SDK doesn't add it as part of the bundle: It will take it from window.

That means that window.fetch should be available and accesible.

Although nowadays the fetch browser compatibility is enough good, you need to be sure the environment under Microlink SDK is running have it available.

We recommend use CDN for that purpose, it will only load polyfill if fetch is not globally detected.


Just add it in your main markup before closing your body tag.

CSS Classnames

We don't inject any CSS into your application.

The card previsualization is shipped with a default minimal inline style.

If you need to adapt the look and feel, each component of the card has been assigned a BEM class name:

  • microlink_card: The root div of the card.
  • microlink_card__media: The media element, regardless of whether it's video or image.
  • microlink_card__media_image: The div holding the background-image of the image preview of the link.
  • microlink_card__media_video_wrapper: The wrapper div around the video preview of the link.
  • microlink_card__media_video: The video element for the video preview of the link.
  • microlink_card__content: The wrapper div around the content preview of the link.
  • microlink_card__content_title: The p tag of the card title.
  • microlink_card__content_description: The p tag of the card description.
  • microlink_card__content_url: The span tag of the card url link.
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