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A rework of the Microlite20 rules.
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Microluxe 20

A free, open source tabletop game based on the Microlite20 ruleset.

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Microluxe20 is a minimalist tabletop role-playing game designed with simplicity in mind. It is designed to be a stand-in replacement for any SRD based tabletop adventure. The main goal is to utilize the simplicity of Microlite20, while also adding various races, classes, and game-balancing tweaks. It also strives to clarify some of the more confusing parts of the Microlite20 system.

Online Handbook

To dive right into the game, check out the following online resources:

Complete Handbook

Terador Campaign Setting

Map of Terador

Races of Terador

Microluxe20 features a pre-designed campaign setting, named "Terador" for ease-of-use. However, because of the simplicity of the rules, custom and homebrew campaign settings are very easy to implement. Definitely feel free to use your own setting, races, and other homebrew content!


The latest official release can be downloaded here!


If you want to contribute to the game's handbooks, or want to craft your own custom release, please check out the Contributing Guidelines.

Authors & Contributors

Keli Grubb (

Doug Rich

Connor Bashinski

Webster Sheets


The markdown content in this project is licensed under the Open Game License. The rest of the project is licensed under the ISC license.

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