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extends ../mainbase
block defines
const page = {
title: 'Artworks index',
desc: 'List of "arts" I made. Pretty ugly stuff.'
block text
mixin aImg (url)
a.artimgcontain(href=url, title='View/download full image', target='_blank')
img.artimg(src=url + '?width=400&as=jpg')
p Works are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4 International, unless otherwise specified. Link to this page is sufficient for attribution.
b Images displayed in this page are shrinked
| to make loading faster. To download or view full image, click any image to open it in new tab.
h2 3D renders (Blender)
h3 Homepage background
h3 Small island
p My wallpaper, made within 1 hour.
h3 Simple paper plane
h3 Random imaginary bedroom
h3 2nd birthday
h3 Pencil wallpaper
h3 Classroom
a(href='' + encodeURIComponent(mapStatic('/imgs/artworks/classroom-equirectangular.png?as=jpg')), target='_blank')
img(src=mapStatic('/imgs/artworks/classroom-equirectangular.png?as=jpg&width=1000'), style='width: 100%')
| The above image is an equirectangular projection. Click the image to open 360° viewer.
h2 2D drawings
h3 Old website banner
a.artimgcontain(href=mapStatic('/imgs/banner.png'), target='_blank')
img.artimg(src=mapStatic('/imgs/banner.png'), style='width: 100%')
p This banner contains some of the things that I cared about at the time this image was created, which was around 2017 May.
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