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const page = {
title: 'Thoughts as a Programmer',
desc: 'What I believe, what I prefer, etc\u2026 Some personal opinions.'
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// TODO: Organize this page.
| <b>I'm a programmer</b>. I have been writing code since my (damn
+ref('Full of black history. Any of my classmate till IG1, as well as friends on Tieba can prove that.')
| ) childhood.
+ref("When I was really young, I don't even use things like git, and I certainly lost my early product. But it's mostly silly things like website made of Flash ActionScript.")
| Sometimes I consider myself an "<i>expert</i>" on programming, that I often
| think I'm way better than the average programmer. But sometimes I do realize
| that I'm actually way too far from being an true "<i>expert</i>".
+ref("Skills / why you probably don't want to hire me", '#skills')
| I love open source and free culture and is welling to share most of the things
| I created.
+ref('GitHub repositories', '', "People rarely find my stuff useful, but I posted it on GitHub so I won't lost it.")
| I have written a lot of code
+ref('GitHub repositories', '', "People rarely find my stuff useful, but I posted it on GitHub so I won't lost it.")
+ref('Screenshot of `ls` on archives,', mapStatic('/imgs/old-project-archive-ls.png'), 'and that is not all. As I just said, most early works had been lost.')
| , but most of them, especially those from my early years, often end up being
| taken down from GitHub 1 or 2 years later by myself, usually because I think
| the code were poorly written.
+ref('Bad naming, bad syntax, bad logic, etc. Also, it is very likely for one to be biased on this and underestimate their code quality - thinking that they wrote rubbish but the stuff may actually be decent.')
+ref('Just look at this code.', mapStatic('/imgs/archive-ugly-code-example-1.png'))
+ref('You may also want to check out the naming in this more recent project.', '')
| I do keep them as archives on my drive and Google Drive, but I'm not willing to
| share those.
a(href='#projects') See my projects
| or
a(href='#skills') read more about my skills&hellip;
| I seems extremely paranoid about security. I even tried to isolate all
| applications running on my computer and put them into separate Linux users (now
| I only did that for stuff I download from places other than the Arch
| Repository as that had caused massive inconvenience).
+ref('Relevant screenshot', mapStatic('/imgs/separate-unix-id-citation.png'))
| Beside attackers, I take every step I can to prevent governments from messing
| with my Internet and protect my data from them, including buying multiple VPNs
sup.refsup [examples needed]
| and distrusting all Chinese certificate authority
sup.refsup [screenshots needed]
| . (In fact, I give no support
| to the very idea of having governments regulate anything digital, and I support
| Bitcoin and Ethereum as a daily currency. More on that later.)
| All website should be forced to use secure protocols such as HTTPS, and
| Chromium seems to support this view.
+ref('Google Online Security Blog: Moving towards a more secure web', '', '- quote: "Eventually, we plan to label all HTTP pages as non-secure\u2026"')
| I often try to summarize things happened in real life into deterministic rules
| or theories and try to make them as simple as possible. It can help me
| understand the world better. However, by interpreting things this way many of
| my friends find me quite strange. Many times I just can't understand a concept
| easily understandable by others. Beside in real life, when I study subjects
| like Physics I also try to interpret the rules in ways as simple as I can come
| up with.
sup.refsup [examples needed]
| I think Linux is the most suitable and useful OS for most programmers. It is
| highly customizable and it relies on less "magic" than Windows. There are many
| handy tools that does almost anything from Base64 to simple but strong
| encryption, or video conversion with FFmpeg, available for use from the command
| line. Shell script made simple maintaining tasks quick and easy. One is also
| less likely to have security problems by using Linux, as for example, all
| software is grabbed from a trusted repository instead of downloading from
| Google search result. I agree that Windows Server is obviously not a good idea.
| Also, very importantly, I'm not at all like those "child <s>programmer</s>
| hacker who built <s>3</s> 15 iPhone apps while being only <s>14</s> 7 years
| old, of which used machine learning and advanced
i &lt;insert technologies here&gt;
| in their awesome and revolutionary iPhone app."
+ref('Apple WWDC: meet Yuma, the 10-year-old Australian app developer who met Tim Cook', '')
+ref('This 9-year-old girl is the youngest developer at WWDC 2016', '')
+ref('The 15-year-old developer making a difference one app at a time', '')
+ref('years old developers - Google Search', '')
sup.refsup [and more]
| I think these people are all overly-hyped by media. Often, when you actually
| check out the stuff they make, you realize that it's actually quite trivial and
| not worth mentioning
sup.refsup [citation needed]
| (such as weather apps).
h2 See also
a(href='/Projects') Projects
| : Check out some of my good projects
a(href='/Programming_Skills') Programming Skills
| : Some stuff I know.