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const page = {
title: 'School Subjects',
desc: 'Words about subjects taught in high school.'
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| By May 2017, I'm in IG2. After this
a(href='/holiday/s17/') summer holiday
| , I will be in AS.
| This page describes:
| I do reasonably well on school subjects. Of the 8 subjects I listed here, I get
| all A in the <b>mock</b> exam except chemistry. I took CIE for IGCSE in June
| 2017, and the results are not yet available.
h2 Math
h3 How good am I at Math?
| Although I code, I'm not like those math wizards who is capable of
| understanding and coming up with solutions to complicated and seemingly
| unsolvable problems in a handful of seconds. I'm in fact not smart at all.
| However it may seems that I do way better than most people around me at math.
| That's because I have learned all those first year A level things on
| Khanacademy/Coursera/Youtube before I went to IG2.
h3 Why is math important?
| Math is probably the most important subject one should study. It can be used to
| model nearly all kinds of things, help us predict events and make good
| decisions. Nowadays nearly everything is based on some kind of math.
+ref('The Map of Mathematics by Domain of Science - YouTube', '')
| Math is used to model both the giant and the small in physics and chemistry.
| Math is also used to analyze statistical data for economic and social science.
| Cryptography, which itself is very fun to play around with, and have enabled us
| to keep our data safe and ensure people don't break their promises, is based
| extensively on math.
+ref('Diffie–Hellman key exchange', '')
+ref('RSA', '')
+ref('Hash functions', '')
sup.refsup [and more]
| Understanding math also help one make rational decisions in complex
| circumstances
+ref('Probability', '')
+ref('Game theory', '')
| , and math itself is like an art. One can almost always find some
| uses of math whatever they do.
h2 Physics
| Similar to math, I learn stuff in advance for Physics as well. This have allowed me
| to think more in-depth during Physics lessons and I may, as a result of this, be
| able to understand Physical concepts better.
h3 Why is Physics important?
| Physics is useful because it enables human to understand the world we live in
| better, and make use of "tricks" to benefit our lives
+ref('Transistor', '')
+ref('Electric light', '')
+ref('Microwave oven', '')
sup.refsup [and more]
| . By studying Physics, one can understand how the things we use work, and with
| a good amount of Physics knowledge, one can build useful things to help
| themselves or others. Physics in the deeper level, such as quantum mechanic,
| feels beautiful. It's amazing how our universe came up with all these
| mysterious rules of how matters behaves.
h2 Chemistry
| <b>I HATE CHEMISTRY</b>. Seriously, I don't really understand why Chemistry may
| be useful to me. I put few effort into getting good grades in Chemistry, and
| this is the only subject where I got a grade below A.
h2 History
| I does <i>kind of</i> well on this subject. By spending more time on this
| subject than my other classmates, I'm able to get at least a decent A grade.
| I don't particularly <i>love</i> history, but I think it teaches you
| interesting
+ref('The 20th century is pretty exciting.', '')
+ref('The cold war is also pretty exciting.', '')
| and perhaps useful
+ref('How to Launch a Nuclear Missile - Veritasium', '')
| things. You can appreciate how our society has changed and is getting better.
+ref('History of slavery', '')
+ref("Timeline of women's legal rights (other than voting)", '')
| History is also one of the subjects where they focus on "critical
| thinking" - how to assess a statement objectively, or should I say, "in a
| professional manner".
+ref('Example questions', '')
| The thinking skills taught in this subject and in (the subject) Business have
| in some ways changed the way I judge things in daily life.
h2 Business
| Will have to see what grade I get for my IGCSE CIE. I'm not very confident on
| this and my results are not stable over time.
h2 English
| You probably already have an idea of how well my English is after reading these
| words. I did pretty well in the exams.
| Personally, I think English is easier to learn than Chinese for a average
| person. For Chinese you have to remember so many characters, and I never seems
| to be able to write them correctly. Although English's spelling is also pretty
| messed up, it's still generally simpler than Chinese.