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Mobile Device Management server
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MicroMDM - a devops friendly MDM server


MicroMDM is a Mobile Device Management server for Apple Devices, focused on giving you all the power through an API.

User Guide

  • Introduction
    Requirements and other information you should know before using MicroMDM.

  • Quickstart
    A quick guide to get MicroMDM up and running.

  • Enrolling Devices
    Describes customizing the enrollment profile and the options available to get the profile installed on a device. Covers DEP provisioning as well as manual profile installs.

  • API and Webhooks
    High level overview of the API used for scheduling device actions and processing the responses.

Developer Guide

To help with development, start by reading the CONTRIBUTING document, which has relevant resources.

For a local development environment, or a demo setup, the ngrok guide, is the best resource to get something working.

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