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.NET component to play any type of audio file with a specific format.
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.NET component to play any type of audio file with a specific format.

alt CSAudioPlayer


The CSAudioPlayer is a .NET component that can play many types of audio (and video) files with a specific format and with a built in audio visualization / audio meter controls and a built in ID3 tags editor.


  • A Dot NET component.
  • Play ANY audio (and video) file.
  • Play an Audio CDs.
  • Get the details about the source files.
  • Play / Pause Play / Stop Play.
  • Get all the installed output devices.
  • Get the default output device.
  • Set the output device to play to.
  • Set the playing format:
    • 48Khz to 8Khz sample rates.
    • 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits depth.
    • Mono or stereo.
  • Get the playing position.
  • Get the time length of the source file.
  • Embedly audio visualization:
    • Set the color base.
    • Set the color max.
    • Set the interval.
    • Set the number of bars to display.
    • Set the spacing between the bars.
  • Embedly audio meter.
  • Set the volume.
  • Decode with the local installed codecs (Windows Media Foundation)
  • Decode with the FFMpeg libraries.
  • Built in ID3 editor:
    • Set any ID3 tag of the destination file.
    • Set the title, album, track#, comment, artist etc.
    • Set the ID3 image of the destination file.
  • Operation progress.
  • Many relevant events.
  • Built in threads handling.
  • Safe exit.
  • Can be run as a library.
  • Easy to use.
  • C# / VB .NET well documented examples.
  • Cut your developing time up to 80%.
  • Just drop the component controls in your form and start to work immediately.
  • The source code of this component is also available.
  • Licensed under the MS-PL.
  • Can be used in commercial products.

FREE Usage

This component can be use for FREE for personal or free usage. Just add the following details to the username and the regkey in the form_load event:

audioPlayer1.UserName = "Free@Usage";
audioPlayer1.UserKey = "34b1c4b3ed6f6d14d58b5af1b354de84";

Commercial usage

alt License

For commercial or any other usage please buy a license to get your own username and regkey (one time fee of 89$) at:

Buy CSAudioPlayer Commercial License

  • The source code of this component is also available.


  • The examples and the component are licensed under MS-PL.
  • Some external libraries / plugin may lincesed under LGPL.


This component uses some external libraries / plugins in the background:

Those external libraries / plugins are already included with the examples.

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