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This commandline application for the Micronucleus bootloader is written by
ihsan Kehribar <> and Bluebie <>

It's been tested casually on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and aught to work on all
three. To make and install, do the regular 'make; sudo make install' on unixes.

Building on windows requires mingw32+msys with lib-winusb32. Possibly it can also
be built with mingw64. 

Usage on Ubuntu:
  sudo micronucleus --run name_of_the_file.hex
Usage on Mac:
  micronucleus --run name_of_the_file.hex
Usage on Windows
  micronucleus.exe --run name_of_the_file.hex

Raw binary file writing hasn't been tested as much as hex files.

Every now and then the program fails once it reaches the Writing stage - this is
a known bug - but if you simply rerun the micronucleus command immediately, it
will succeed the second time usually. Most of the time this issue is not present.

To linux users: sudo is used above because the default configuration under most
modern linux distributions is to not allow userspace apps to communicate
directly to unknown USB devices. You can fix this by installing some config
files, or you can just use sudo. Either way you're going to need root. To
configure your system to allow micronucleus access from non-root users, copy
49-micronucleus.rules from this folder to /etc/udev/rules.d/

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