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Tab completion is:
This is a bash-type multi-tab, rotating and case-insensitive completion code snippet, that was written in response to a feature request for the Nodester IRC project: Encouraged by the person that made the feature request, sirkitree ( and by alejandromg ( from Nodester (, here is the snippet for whomever is interested.
It was tested with IE8 version 8.0.6001.18702, FF 11.0 and Chrome 18.0.1025.142 m on a WindowsXP machine.
The completion source is represented by any string array, e.g., ["Abraham Lincoln", "abacus Moire", "22", "brocard 1", "ab!ba", "crocard", "cribauld", "cronos"]. In our examples, the "nicks" array is either inline or external to the respective html file.
The folder jQueryInline contains code that you can just copy/paste into your own project. This code depends on jQuery.
The jQueryPlugin is, according to sirkitree, its author: "a standalone .js file that could easily be plugged into other people's projects".
The folder noJQuery, as the name implies, contains code that has no dependency to jQuery.
We want our message to be: "alejandromg, microp11 says hi"
So we write:
al <TAB>
msg: alejandromg
then we type ", mic" <TAB>
msg: alejandromg, microp11
then " says hi"
so the msg will be "alejandromg, microp11, says hi" :P