New Forest National Park Authority transcription and translation app for German POW Newsletter 01
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New Forest Remembers Translation and Transcription app for PyBossa

This application has four files:

  • for creating the application in PyBossa, and fill it with some tasks.
  • for configuring the Flickr API KEY (required!)
  • template.html: the view for every task and deal with the data of the answers.
  • tutorial.html: a simple tutorial for the volunteers.

Testing the application

You need to install the pybossa-client first (use a virtualenv):

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt

Then, you can follow the next steps:

  • Create an account in PyBossa
  • Copy under your account profile your API-KEY
  • Run python -u -k API-KEY
  • Open with your browser the Applications section and choose the FlickrPerson app. This will open the presenter for this demo application.


We recommend that you read the section: Build with PyBossa and follow the step by step tutorial.

NOTE: This application uses the pybossa-client in order to simplify the development of the application and its usage. Check the documentation.

Updating template

After making changes to your source code and committing to github do the following:

  • Clone or pull changes from repo to your server and then issue this command:
    $ python -k APIKEY -s SERVERURL -t 
  • Template should update


Please, see the COPYING file.


The thumbnail is from the Portable Antiquities Scheme and shows the Near Lewes hoard. Image licensed as CC BY-SA.