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:mod:`ujson` -- JSON encoding and decoding

.. module:: ujson
   :synopsis: JSON encoding and decoding

|see_cpython_module| :mod:`python:json`.

This modules allows to convert between Python objects and the JSON data format.


.. function:: dump(obj, stream)

   Serialise *obj* to a JSON string, writing it to the given *stream*.

.. function:: dumps(obj)

   Return *obj* represented as a JSON string.

.. function:: load(stream)

   Parse the given *stream*, interpreting it as a JSON string and
   deserialising the data to a Python object.  The resulting object is

   Parsing continues until end-of-file is encountered.
   A :exc:`ValueError` is raised if the data in *stream* is not correctly formed.

.. function:: loads(str)

   Parse the JSON *str* and return an object.  Raises :exc:`ValueError` if the
   string is not correctly formed.