Latest commit af90461 Jan 18, 2017 @pfalcon pfalcon py/binary: mp_binary_get_size: Raise error on unsupported typecodes.
Previouly, we had errors checked in callers, which led to duplicate code
or missing checks in some places.
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basics py/binary: mp_binary_get_size: Raise error on unsupported typecodes. Jan 17, 2017
bench tests/bench: Add testcase to compare bytes(N) vs b"\0" * N. Jun 8, 2016
cmdline tests/cmdline: Improve repl.c autocomplete test coverage. Dec 29, 2016
extmod tests/extmod: Improve test coverage of ure module. Jan 17, 2017
feature_check tests/run-tests: Allow to skip set tests. Jan 4, 2017
float tests/float: Improve formatfloat.c test coverage using Python. Jan 5, 2017
import py/builtinimport: Raise ValueError for bad relative import, per CPython. Jan 16, 2017
inlineasm tests: Add a test for argument passing to inline-asm functions. Mar 16, 2016
io tests/io: Improve test coverage of io.BufferedWriter. Jan 17, 2017
jni tests/jni: Add test for working with container of List interface. Nov 12, 2015
micropython tests/micropython: Add test for micropython.stack_use() function. Dec 28, 2016
misc tests: Add tests to improve coverage of objarray.c. Dec 21, 2016
pyb tests/pyb/uart: Update test to match recent change to UART timeout_char. Jan 4, 2017
pybnative py: Fix stack access in thumb native emitter. May 7, 2014
stress tests: Add new subdir "stress/" specifically for stress tests. Mar 15, 2016
thread tests/thread: Improve modthread.c test coverage. Dec 29, 2016
unicode tests: Improve coverage of array, range, dict, slice, exc, unicode. Oct 17, 2016
unix tests/io: Improve test coverage of io.BufferedWriter. Jan 17, 2017
wipy tests: Use read() instead of readall(). Nov 13, 2016
README tests/README: Explain how tests get skipped Sep 15, 2015 tests: Add a suite of tests specifically for the pyboard. May 3, 2014
run-bench-tests tests/run-bench-tests: Process tests in alphabetical order. May 1, 2016
run-tests tests: Update tests, and add new ones, for recent generator tweaks. Jan 16, 2017 unix: Rename "_os" module to "uos" for consistency with baremetal ports. Dec 11, 2015 Typo fix in comment. Feb 21, 2015


This directory contains tests for various functionality areas of MicroPython.
To run all stable tests, run "run-tests" script in this directory.

Tests of capabilities not supported on all platforms should be written
to check for the capability being present. If it is not, the test
should merely output 'SKIP' followed by the line terminator, and call
sys.exit() to raise SystemExit, instead of attempting to test the
missing capability. The testing framework (run-tests in this
directory, test_main.c in qemu_arm) recognizes this as a skipped test.

There are a few features for which this mechanism cannot be used to
condition a test. The run-tests script uses small scripts in the
feature_check directory to check whether each such feature is present,
and skips the relevant tests if not.

When creating new tests, anything that relies on float support should go in the 
float/ subdirectory.  Anything that relies on import x, where x is not a built-in
module, should go in the import/ subdirectory.