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Welcome to the micropython dev wiki!


This is the MicroPython project, which puts an implementation of Python 3.x on a microcontroller or embedded system. The project also includes a small microcontroller board based around the ARM Cortex-M4 chip (STM32F405RG).

This wiki is to support development of the MicroPython core code and the various ports to new hardware/systems.

What is MicroPython

MicroPython is a Python interpreter (with partial native code compilation feature). It provides a subset of Python 3.5 features, implemented for embedded processors and constrained systems. Read more about the differences to CPython here.


The Kickstarter board (Pyboard)

  • The board relies on a 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 CPU (STM32F405RG, DSP with FPU, 1Mbyte Flash, 128+64 Kbyte RAM, 168 MHz).
  • Technical data on the chip can be found here: STMicroelectronics website and the datasheet can be found here: datasheet

A list of other boards and their ports is here: Other Boards

I want to try using MicroPython now!

If you are new to the python programming or want to learn the basics of micropython, check out Learn micropython. Also check out the main micropython site, where you can find the forums.

If you have a machine that runs some flavor of Unix, see the Getting-Started instructions on how to obtain the binary to run MicroPython and start developing. MicroPython can also built on MacOSX and Windows.

You can also testdrive a Pyboard over Internet: !

Related Projects

  • micropython-lib - project to develop/port Python standard library for MicroPython
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