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Board Teensy 3.1 3.5 3.6

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Cortex M4 based

Note: Some of the following instructions require using Dave Hylands' micropython repository as some functionality has not been merged in micropython (see: #2513 #2519 #2520).


Teensy 3.1

  • MK20DX256VLH7 72MHz
  • 256K Flash, 64kB RAM
  • 34 pins available for digitial I/O
  • 21 pins availale for analog 16-bit A/D
  • 12 timers, 12 PWM
  • 3xUART
  • SPI, I2C, CAN

Teensy 3.5

  • MK64FX512VMD12 120 MHz
  • 512K flash,
  • 57 pins available for digital I/O (5v tolerant)
  • 24 pins available for analog 13-bit A/D
  • 14 timers, 20 PWM
  • 6xUART
  • 3xSPI, 3xI2C, 1xCAN, 16xDMA
  • RTC
  • 2 DAC channels
  • SD card

Teensy 3.6

  • MK64FX512VMD12 180 MHz
  • 1M flash, 256K RAM, 4K EEPROM
  • 57 pins available for digital I/O (NOT 5v tolerant)
  • 26 pins available for analog 13-bit A/D
  • USB High Speed OTG port
  • 14 timers, 22 PWM
  • 6xUART
  • 3xSPI, 4xI2C, 2xCAN, 32xDMA
  • RTC
  • 2 DAC channels
  • SD card


To build, you can either use the ARM toolchain from here (add to your PATH), or you can use the ARM toolchain included with Arduino/Teensyduino (set ARDUINO environment variable to point to the root of your arduino/teensyduino tree).

git clone
cd micropython/ports/teensy

BOARD can be one of TEENSY_3.1, TEENSY_3.5, or TEENSY_3.6. If no BOARD is specified, then TEENSY_3.1 will be assumed.


The firmware will be in build-TEENSY_3.1/micropython.hex (replace TEENSY_3.1 appropriately).

You can flash using teensy_loader_cli or by using the flashing tools included with teensyduino but setting ARDUINO to point to the arduino/teensyduino tree.

make BOARD=TEENSY_3.6 deploy

Running Scripts

Currently, scripts must be compiled into the firmware image. Place your .py files into the teensy/scripts directory and they'll be built into your firmware image.

The sample scripts directory includes a and The default flashes the LED twice.

If you want to update a script, you'll need to rebuild and reflash the firmware.

What's currently supported

  • machine.unique_id()
  • machine.reset()
  • machine.freq()
  • machine.idle()
  • machine.sleep()
  • machine.deepsleep()
  • machine.reset_cause()
  • machine.disable_irq()
  • machine.enable_irq()
  • machine.mem8/16/32[]
  • machine.Pin
  • machine.Timer
  • machine.UART
  • machine.SD
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