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This project was originally developed to create reports on TestNG that can be instant and shown in graphs. However it has grown in to a full blown Test Management system that will be able to create projects add user stories to the projects and build manual test from those user stories as well as running any automated tests. This is a new project and is currently under development 31 August 2016.


This was built to show how I was running the automated test server it uses TestNG with a small selenium script. It uses the TestNGLIRE library to show how it would be used to modify the Listener and Reporter of your TestNG tests.


This is a Java Library that I have created to allow easy modification of the Listeners within your own TestNG projects to get them to report back to your Web server and database.


This is where the Test Management front end is being built and stands for Report and Testing Suite. Currently able to start TestNG tests and report on there progress. Also able to query database for any previous tests ran and show there results in a bar chart. Currently under construction is the Test Management side adding the creation of projects and the abiltiy to add user stories and build manual test from them.


This is the database connection returns type Connection currently set up for MySQL