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Sock Shop : A Microservice Demo Application

The application is the user-facing part of an online shop that sells socks. It is intended to aid the demonstration and testing of microservice and cloud native technologies.

It is built using Spring Boot, Go kit and Node.js and is packaged in Docker containers.

You can read more about the application design.

Deployment Platforms

The deploy folder contains scripts and instructions to provision the application onto your favourite platform.

Please let us know if there is a platform that you would like to see supported.

Bugs, Feature Requests and Contributing

We'd love to see community contributions. We like to keep it simple and use Github issues to track bugs and feature requests and pull requests to manage contributions. See the contribution information for more information.


Sock Shop frontend

Visualizing the application

Use Weave Scope or Weave Cloud to visualize the application once it's running in the selected target platform.

Sock Shop in Weave Scope