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HVMobile_VNext is the HealthVault library used by the HealthVault for iPhone app [Download].

The library makes it extremely simple to write new HealthVault applications for iOS.

  • Single line of code to provision app
  • Rich object model for full HealthVault Service & types
  • Xml serialization/deserialization of 20+ HealthVault types, including Medication, Immunization, Dietary Intake, Exercise and Files.
  • Full support Support for Vocabularies and Vocabulary searching
  • BLOB streaming - download and upload
  • Local Storage, Caching and Synchronization

The library is receiving ongoing updates, bug fixes and improvements. We are taking great care to avoid breaking changes - however it is possible that we may make some.

Bits are tested for on iOS 5.0+.

Sample Code

Check out the Hello World Sample to get started and see how easy it is to write HealthVault apps.

Supported Data Types

Full list of HealthVault types supported out of the box: Supported Types

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