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Moto Trial Racer

Moto Trial Racer is a Nokia Developer example that demonstrates integrating QML with Box2D physics engine. See more information about the project at:

What's new

Moto Trial Racer provides items that can be used in the game for sale via In-application Purchase API.

Note: In-application Purchase functionality is enabled by INAPP_BILLING macro defined in the project file. If enabled, the functionality is supported only on Symbian platform. For more information about the In-App Purchase integration see the project wiki page:

1. Playing Moto Trial Racer

The goal is to get the motorcycle and the driver to the chequered flag as fast as possible. The game ends if any part of the motorcycle or player touches the spikes, or if the player's head touches any other object. When the player gets to the chequered flag fast enough, he/she gets his/her name and time on the high scores list. The game can be paused, restarted, and exited at any time via the options menu.

The motorcycle is accelerated by tilting the device towards the player and braked by tilting the device away from the player. The center of mass can be moved backwards/forwards by tilting the device left/right.

2. Installing and Running the Application

2.1 Using Qt SDK

You may also install and run the application on the device by using the Qt SDK. Open the project in the SDK, set up the correct target (depending on the device platform) and click the Run button. For more details about this approach, please visit Qt Getting Started at Nokia Developer (

2.2 Symbian Device

There are two ways to install the application on the device.

  1. The Qt libraries (4.7.4 or higher) must be installed. See the section COMPATIBILITY for more information about the installation.

  2. a) Drag the Moto Trial Racer .sis file to the Nokia Ovi Suite while the device is connected with the USB cable.


    b) Send the application directly to the Messaging Inbox (for example, through Bluetooth).

  3. After the installation is complete, return to the application menu and select the Applications folder.

  4. Locate the Moto Trial Racer icon and select it to launch the application.

2.3 Nokia N9 and Nokia N950

Copy the application Debian package onto the device. Locate the file with the device and run it; this will install the application. Note that you can also use the terminal application and install the application typing the command 'dpkg -i .deb' on the command line. To install the application using the terminal application, make sure you have the right privileges to do so (e.g. root access).

Once the application is installed, locate the application icon from the application menu and launch the application by tapping the icon.

2.4 Desktop Windows

  1. Extract the ZIP file containing the windows binary to the folder of your choosing.

  2. Launch the extracted executable file.

3. Compatibility

  • Symbian Anna or Belle with Qt version 4.7.4 and Qt Mobility version 1.2.1 or higher
  • MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan

Tested on:

  • Nokia E7-00
  • Nokia N8-00
  • Nokia X7-00
  • Nokia N9
  • Nokia N950
  • Windows 7

Developed with:

  • QtSDK 1.2

4. License

See the license text file delivered with this project. The license file is also available online at

The Box2D QML Plug-in is licensed under LGPL 2.1. The license file is delivered with the project and is also available online at

5. Version History

1.2.2 IAP testmode fixed. 1.2.1 Symbian Belle support checked. 1.2.0 Updated IAP to the latest version. 1.1.1 Fix Symbian bike handling, fix "too small wheels" on Harmattan. 1.1.0 Added MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan support. 1.0.0 The first release. 0.4.b Moving the center of the mass is made more sensitive. 0.3.b The initial version.