Nokia Music provides APIs for accessing the vast music collection. In this example usage of the Nokia Music REST API is demonstrated. The example application uses the Tantalum5 library in handling the communication with the API. The user interface is implemented with LCDUI components.
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Application Descriptor

Nokia Asha Music Explorer

Nokia Asha Music Explorer demonstrates how the Nokia Music REST API can be used. The application uses LCDUI components and the Tantalum 5 library.

The Nokia Music REST API is divided into resources. The application consists of several views that each use different API resources. Each resource is responsible of a specific function, e.g., the Search Resource handles search queries.

For full API reference, see the ​Nokia Music REST API Reference:

This example demonstrates:

  • Usage of Nokia Music REST API
  • How to consume JSON data using the Tantalum 5 library
  • Asynchronous image loading
  • Implementing a drill-down UI

The application is hosted in GitHub:

For more information on the implementation, visit Java Developer's Library:!code-examples/web-services-musicexplorer.html

1. Prerequisities

  • Java ME basics
  • Java ME threads

2. Important files and classes

  • src\..\data\
  • src\..\data\
  • src\..\settings\
  • src\..\ui\

Classes: GridItem, GridLayout, ListItem

3. Design considerations

The application has been designed to allow the user to browse Nokia Music using a drill down user-interface. The user can view new releases, popular releases, search for artists and browse artists by genres. As the Nokia Music REST API can return albums, tracks, singles and artists as results, the application is restricted to display only artist and album results. This means that searching for individual tracks is currently not possible, but is easy to enable if such feature is wanted.

The data model is stored in simple classes that represent the data that is available through the REST API. As the REST API uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as a response format, the responses are parsed to e.g. models using suitable mechanisms and practices provided by the Tantalum 5 library.

To speed up loading of views, image content is loaded asynchronously using worker threads. The behaviour is similar to what can be found in many JavaScript web applications. When loading an image, a placeholder image is shown until the image has been successfully loaded.

4. Known issues

  • java.lang.NumberFormatException shown sometimes in the log during JSON parsing. This issue does not affect the application and does not cause any crashes.
  • The artist view might appear empty if the artist does not have any albums.
  • The user can navigate to new Artist views from the Similar artists view. These opened Artist views grow the view history and the device may run out of memory at some point.

5. Build and installation instructions

The example has been created with NetBeans 7.3 and Nokia Asha SDK 1.0. The project can be easily opened in NetBeans by selecting 'Open Project' from the File menu and selecting the application's project folder.

Before opening the project, make sure the Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 or newer is installed and added to NetBeans. Building is done by selecting 'Build main project'. Also make sure the JAR files inside the lib folder are included into the project (Properties -> Libraries & Resources -> Add Jar/ZIP). To see debug log texts, the debug version of Tantalum must be included in the build by selecting it from the lib folder as described.

You can install the application on a phone by transferring the JAR file with Nokia Suite, over bluetooth or by placing the JAR & JAD files to the phone's memory card using a USB cable and the mass storage functionality.

The example can also be built and run with Eclipse.

6. Running the example

The application requires a network connection in order to work. Network connection is used for accessing the Nokia Music REST API. All views except the home view make use of the REST API. Developers should register themselves an API key for the Nokia Music REST API to use in their own implementations. This version of Nokia Asha Music Explorer contains a demo API key that can be used to try out the application and its features.

The search feature requires inputting a search string. The search allows making full word queries only. For example, searching for "Madon" lists only those that contain the word "Madon" but not e.g. "Madonna". A search query is made automatically after the user has stopped typing.

7. Compatibility

Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 and newer.

An Internet connection is required.

Tested on Nokia Asha 501 (Java Runtime 3.0.0 for Series 40).

Developed with:

  • Netbeans 7.3
  • Nokia Asha SDK 1.0

8. Change history

  • 1.0 The first version published at