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This project demonstrates the different UI components and patterns that can be used in Nokia Asha 501. The project is implemented as a MIDlet suite and the various examples are implemented as independent MIDlets. When you start the project, the MIDlet suite menu provided by the platform opens:

The example is ported from Series 40 UI Component Demos to Nokia Asha software platform 1.0.

imagePlaceholder imagePlaceholder imagePlaceholder

The examples contain the following:

  • Lists demonstrates various List types.
  • Text demonstrates TextBox.
  • Dialogs demonstrates different kinds of Alerts.
  • Canvas demonstrates different ways of presenting the Canvas.
  • Form demonstrates different Form items.
  • CategoryBar demonstrates the !CategoryBar with various amounts of categories.
  • Ticker demonstrates the Ticker item in Displayables.
  • Menus demonstrates options menu and context menus.

The application is designed to work on Nokia Asha 501. It has been developed with Nokia Asha SDK1.0 and tested on Nokia Asha 501 device.

Please see the Nokia Asha Design Guidelines documentation for more information. Check out also the Series 40 UI Component Demos project.

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