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@shalinijoshi19 shalinijoshi19 released this Jun 1, 2019 · 60 commits to release/1.2 since this release

New features:

  1. Element-level fallback support
  2. Full bleed background images/containers
  3. Action.ToggleVisibility
  4. More Container styles to match Textblock styles
  5. Better inline text formatting
  6. TextBlock inline Actions
  7. Base64 encode image into URI (Data URIs)
  8. Input.Text with associated action (Quick-Reply)
  9. TextBlock font styles
  10. Action sentiment (primary / destructive)
  11. Place actions anywhere in the card (ActionSet)
  12. Stretch and Repeat for Background Images
  13. MinHeight Property on Containers
  14. Wrap property on ChoiceSet/Toggle

Breaking Changes:

  1. UWP SDK: Background images in UWP are now of type 'object' and not 'string'
  2. WPF Renderer: WPF Input.ChoiceSet now correctly defaults to "compact" as documented
  3. TS Renderer:
    a. Removed speak property from every element. Now only available on root AdaptiveCard element.
    b. Removed renderSpeech() method throughout
    c. Removed CardElement.validate() and Action.validate() methods. Custom elements and actions should now override the internalValidateProperties() method. See for more details.
  4. Introducing FontTypes: The fontFamily, FontSizes and FontWeights are now not recommended. Instead use the 'fontTypes' property in hostConfig and populate the default/monospace types.
  5. Android Renderer:
    a. The AdaptiveCardRenderer.render method was changed to replace the ElementParserRegistration parameter for a ParseContext parameter which includes the ElementParserRegistration and the ActionParserRegistration objects
    b. The render method in BaseCardElementRenderer was changed to include the RenderedAdaptiveCard parameter and ContainerStyle was changed for a RenderArgs where the ContainerStyle is now contained

Notable Bug Fixes:






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