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@echo off
REM //---------- set up variable ----------
set ROOT_DIR=%~dp0
set cmake_minversion_minmaj=" 3. 9"
set "cmake_version= . "
where /q cmake
for /F "tokens=3" %%a in ('cmake --version ^| find "cmake version"') do set cmake_version=%%a
if "%cmake_version%" == "" (
echo Unable to get version of cmake. >&2
exit /b 2
) else (
echo cmake was not found in path.
goto :download_install
set cmake_ver_major=
set cmake_ver_minor=
for /F "tokens=1,2 delims=." %%a in ("%cmake_version%") do (
set "cmake_ver_major= %%a"
set "cmake_ver_minor= %%b"
set cmake_ver_minmaj="%cmake_ver_major:~-4%.%cmake_ver_minor:~-4%"
if %cmake_ver_minmaj% LSS %cmake_minversion_minmaj% (
echo Newer AirSim requires cmake verion %cmake_minversion_minmaj% but you have %cmake_ver_minmaj% which is older. >&2
goto :download_install
echo Found cmake version: %cmake_version%
exit /b 0
set /p choice="Press any key to download and install cmake (make sure to add it in path in install options)"
IF NOT EXIST %temp%\cmake-3.10.2-win64-x64.msi (
@echo on
powershell -command "& { iwr -OutFile %temp%\cmake-3.10.2-win64-x64.msi }"
@echo off
msiexec.exe /i "%temp%\cmake-3.10.2-win64-x64.msi"
exit /b 1
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