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Azure Monitor Community


This public repo serves the Azure Monitor community. It contains log queries, workbooks, and alerts, shared to help Azure Monitor users make the most of it.


Queries - copy and paste queries to your Log Analytics environment, or run on the Log Analytics Demo Environment

Workbooks - the workbooks in this repo can be deployed as ARM templates to your Azure Monitor environment

Alerts - the alerts in this repo are log-based, meaning they are in fact log queries. You can run them on the Log Analytics Demo Environment or use them to create and test alerts on your own environment


File/folder Description
Azure services Queries, workbooks and alerts for specific Azure services
Scenarios Queries, workbooks and alerts to handle common "How to's
Solutions Queries, workbooks and alerts organized by solutions On how to contribute to this repo
LICENSE The license for this repo This README file


Anyone can contribute to the repo, you don't need to be a pro. Have an interesting query or workbook? fork this repo, add your content to your fork and submit a pull request. See Contributing for more details.

Top asks

Here are some ideas on what users are looking for.

Top Contributor

The August top contributor is Billy York (scautomation)
Billy has contributed dozens of workbooks and provided huge value to the community.

We use KQL

The content in this repo uses KQL (Kusto Query Language). To get started with queries see this article.

Need help writing queries?

This repo has many examples that you may want to edit to fit your exact scenario. If you're not sure how to do that - post your question on our community forum.

Have a wish or a question?

Use Issues to call us out on missing content or something else we should improve on, and check out the FAQ page for common questions & answers.


Upon redistribution of this repo, please be respectful of the readers and authors of this documentation, and include a link to the original repo master branch.


An open repo for Azure Monitor queries, workbooks, alerts and more




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