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Overview of the Experimental Folder

The samples within this folder contain experimental work. These samples are meant to provide a way to solicit feedback on a given design, approach, or technology being considered by the Bot Framework Team.

The samples in this folder should not be used in a production environment. They are not supported and the team is not implying a given approach used in these samples will be integrated into a future version of the Bot Framework SDK. Instead, we want to provide a way to engage on topics that can help guide our roadmap for future work.

Goals of this work

The Bot Framework Team is seeking feedback on a specific problem and possible solutions that exists when developing bots using the Bot Framework SDK.

Each sample contains a reference to the backing GitHub issue(s) that frames the problem and a bit about the approach. Feedback on the sample should be added to the issue used to track the sample.


The samples found in this folder are experimental, do not necessarily relate to one another, are stand-alone, and are not meant to be viewed in any particular order. None of the samples in the experimental folder should be used with bots running in a production environment.

Experimental samples list

Experimental samples are organized per platform.

Sample Name Description .NET CORE NodeJS .NET Web API Typescript
multilingual-luis-bot The sample shows how to use the library through Middleware to support multilingual interaction with bots in general and LUIS bots in particular. View View
qnamaker-activelearning-bot This sample shows how to integrate Active Learning in a QnA Maker bot. View View
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