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@tonyanziano tonyanziano released this May 3, 2019 · 51 commits to master since this release

This is a stable build of the v4 Bot Framework Emulator.


  • [client] - Bumped botframework-webchat to v4.4.1 in PR 1511
  • [client] - Added the ability to toggle into Chromium's Developer Tools via a menu item in PR 1481
  • [client] - Added for documentation on Bot Inspector mode in PR 1502
  • [client/main] Added Bot Inspector mode in PR 1400
  • [client] Added the ability to specicy a UserID override in conversations in PR 1456
  • [main] Added a splash screen on app startup in PR 1450
  • [main] Added npm script to watch and auto-restart the main process in PR 1450
  • [main] Added a splash screen to app startup in PR 1451


  • [main] Fixed the ability to export transcripts when connected to a bot via URL in PR 1452
  • [luis / client] Fixed several styling issues within the LUIS inspector, and enabled log deep link to configure missing LUIS service in PR #1399
  • [client] Fixed secret prompt dialog's opaque background so that it is now transparent in PR 1407
  • [build / client] Fixed ipc issue that was breaking the command service in PR 1418
  • [build] Bumped electron version to v4.1.1 and updated .dmg installer background image in PR 1419
  • [ui-react] Added default disabled styling to checkbox control in PR 1424
  • [client] Fixed issue where BOM wasn't being stripped from transcripts opened via the File menu in PR 1425
  • [client] Fixed issue where tab icon glyphs weren't working on Mac in PR 1428
  • [client] Fixed issue where cancelling out of opening a transcript was creating a broken livechat window in PR 1441
  • [client] Fixed invisible scrollbar styling in log panel in PR 1442
  • [main] Fixed issue where opening a livechat or bot via protocol wasn't working because ngrok wasn't being started on startup in PR 1446
  • [main / client] Got rid of node Buffer() deprecation warnings in PR 1426


  • [main] Removed custom user agent string from outgoing requests in PR 1427
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